2018/1/25 "Oh Sew Sweet! Frill & Lace" Website now open! Synopsis for episode 1 revealed!

Episode 1

"Magical Frill is Born!"

14-year-old fashionista Shinonome Koami is determined to sew a skirt as a gift
for her mother's birthday next month.
But she just doesn't know where to start, and before she knows it
there's only a week left until the big day! What will she do!?

Koami decides to enlist the help of transfer student
Machino Hari - an accomplished seamstress - and they manage to finish
the gift within a few days.
...Then, all of a sudden, the rejoicing pair finds themselves face to face
with the evil fairy Vintage,who is after the skirt's "clothmin" - a type of energy
which dwells only within the most beautiful of clothes.

This isn't the only surprise in store for Koami - all she can do is stare in wonder
when Hari undergoes a shocking transformation. It turns out that she is
actually Lace, a magical girl from another world, who has come to defeat
the evil Vintage!
But when Vintage tries to steal the skirt, Lace is driven into a corner...

While the gift is important to Koami, her precious friend matters more.
She picks up the item that Hari used to transform - the "Cloth†Changer" - and
makes an amazing transformation of her own. Koami is now... Magical Frill!

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"Oh Sew Sweet! Frill & Lace" is a fictional anime from the visual novel "Momoiro Closet".